Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cultural Rev and Life in Mao's China

I believe we are again missing quite a few students due to the musical. If you are involved, I know that there are huge demands on your time and you are all tired, but you do have to keep up or catch up.

This will be the last lesson on the Cultural Revolution.
In class we will look at the primary sources (attached) and watch the remaining 20 minutes of the excellent documentary. If you have missed it in class, you need to watch it at home. Chapter 4 (The Great Cultural Rev 66 – 76) is what you need to read.
(Start at 58:20 minutes: It's Right to Rebel!)

Key questions that you should be able to answer:
  • P78 How did the CultRev develop into a reign of terror?
  • P81: What are the four olds?
  • P89: What methods did the Red Guards use to terrify the population?
  • P101 Why did the intensity of the Cultural Revolution lessen after 1972
  • P103: Copy the Summary Diagram

 Next week, we are going to compare and contrast life under Hitler and life under Mao.
In preparation, look at Chapter 5 (Life in Mao's Chain 1949 – 1976), read it and take broad dot pointed notes along the lines of What, Why, When and How.

Project: Domestic policies in Mao's China
  1. Religion
  2. Women and Family (and population control)
  3. Culture and the Arts
  4. Education and Health
  5. Treatment of the opposition (Laogai) + Mao's impact on the people
  6. Click here for detailed task description.

You will work in a small team to produce a dot pointed, revision ready, easy to follow page. You will have to include historians' views.

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