Friday, November 8, 2013

Paper 1 practice + Revision Domestic Policies

Today we practiced Paper 1 Question 1A. On Monday and Tuesday we will practice the other questions (1b (easy, message), 2 (Comp & Contrast), 3 (OPVL) and 4 (mini essay). On Thursday you will do a trial paper 1 in class.

You should prepare for this by reading and taking notes from the “Paper 1 Skills” booklet you have received today.  The booklet can be found online in the “Paper 1 Interbellum” folder, entitled “Paper 1 SKILLZ.pdf”

Attached is the Revision guide for the exam.
Please note that as part of your revision, you NEED to use the information put together by your fellow students including:
1.                  opposition
2.                  women
3.                  religion
4.                  culture
5.                  education
The draft booklet can be found online (Germany folder, Hitler rise and rule folder: “Domestic Policies Nazi Germany”) It is an editable Google Doc so you will all be able to add to it or make changes where needed.

See you Monday,

Ms. V 

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