Friday, February 7, 2014

International Relationships

Hi people,

Well done on your first week of Year 12. It was so much fun to start calling you “Year 12s”. I bet you’ve been waiting for that since Year 7?

Homework for Monday:

Use the mindmap framework (attached), or create your own framework / mindmap which shows the relationships between major events between 1918 and 1936.

This task is not about large amounts of information, it is about relationships and connections.

Some key aspects / themes in this time period are:
  • League of Nations, effect of absence of major powers
  • Successes and failures in collective security
  • Economic growth and Great Depression
  • Success and failures of disarmament
  • Growth of isms: Nationalism, Fascism, Communism
You can use the handout (Chapter 3), the timeline on Google Drive (Paper 1 Interbellum) and the War and Peace textbook. You can do it online, you can collaborate, you can do it on paper with what I’ve given you or make your own.

This is due on Monday, period 3.

Stay cool in the 40C.

Ms. V

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