Friday, September 13, 2013

Work for the September holidays

This is your compulsory homework for the holidays:

Use the course overview / revision document (the one with the star on the front, and you can also find it on the Google Drive)
to re-create your notes along the major themes of the IB.
Create timelines, lists, detailed overviews.
Some dot points we may not have "done" in as much detail, but do the best you can with the notes you have, or find additional information online or in the textbooks that may or may not be on Google Drive. Be autonomous in your ability to find information.

Here are the Paper 2 themes (Topic 1 and Topic 3)

Topic 1: Causes, practices and effects of wars
War was a major feature of the 20th century. In this topic the different types of war should be identified, and the causes, practices and effects of these conflicts should be studied.

Major themes
Different types and nature of 20th century warfare
Civil, Guerrilla, Limited war, total war
Origins and causes of wars
Long-term, short-term and immediate causes
Economic, ideological, political, religious causes
Nature of 20th century wars
Technological developments, tactics and strategies, air, land and sea
Home front: economic and social impact (including changes in the role and status of women)
Resistance and revolutionary movements
Effects and results of wars
Peace settlements and wars ending without treaties
Attempts at collective security pre- and post-Second World War
Political repercussions and territorial changes
Post-war economic problems

Topic 3: Origins and development of authoritarian and single-party states
The 20th century produced many authoritarian and single-party states. The origins, ideology, form of government, organization, nature and impact of these regimes should be studied.

Major themes
Origins and nature of authoritarian and single-party states
Conditions that produced authoritarian and single-party states
Emergence of leaders: aims, ideology, support
Totalitarianism: the aim and the extent to which it was achieved
Establishment of authoritarian and single party states
Methods: force, legal
Form of government, (left- and right-wing) ideology
Nature, extent and treatment of opposition
Domestic policies and impact
Structure and organization of government and administration
Political, economic, social and religious policies
Role of education, the arts, the media, propaganda
Status of women, treatment of religious groups and minorities

The topics we have done are:
·         CPE WW1
·         CPE WW2
·         China (Civ War and Mao's China 1949 – 1976)

This is YOUR revision so you need to lay it out in a manner that works for you. I do very strongly recommend that you do it on the computer.

Use any means possible to make this a great document (Other textbooks, all the resources on Google Drive, use my old Moodle (see Google Drive for instructions), Scribd, Rudbeck, general research etc)

This is not an optional task, you need to all show me your work at start of the term. If it is not done, I will keep on hounding you until I'm happy with what I see, or I might even book in a lovely academic detention for you.

Attached are three easy readings on the Rise of Hitler, which is what we will start with next term.

The Year 12s are currently doing the same, but they are doing it for the whole 2 years, as well as all their other subjects. That is why it is vital that you do this now so that you will benefit from it next year. If you see/speak to other classmates during the holidays, could you please alert them to this email? I don't want anyone to use the "I didn't read the email" line.

Good luck and contact me if you have any questions,
Ms. V

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