Monday, October 28, 2013

Consolidation of power + Domestic Policies Project

It was a tiny class today. I hope you all enjoyed San Remo!

What we did today:
We worked through the concepts of Hitler’s consolidation of power. There is a document here: (In Germany folder).
This is a great document. It has lots of information as compiled by the ones-who-stayed. You need to take this information and make it your own.

We are going to move through domestic policies pretty quickly. One week to be exact. You will be doing a similar group project as you did for Mao. There will be a booklet (as decided by the ones-who-stayed, as were the groups)

Compare and contrast Mao’s China and Hitler’s Germany domestic policies

1. Women   Chilli, Catriona, Liam, Alex
2. Culture and Arts     Eric, Bruce, Miranda
3. Treatment of the opposition Luther, Nathan, Will O
4. Education and Health   Will EG, Noli,  Jules
5. Religion     Olivia, Max, Matt,
6. Economy John, Ned, Andie

For each:
Because of lack of time, you will need to keep your information shorter and to the point.
No more than 2 x A4 per topic. Clear headings, themes, concepts, dot points.
Your key source of information should be your textbook, mainly Chapter 3.

This is due Monday, please email it to me.

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