Monday, June 23, 2014

Russia 1917 - 1924 Task

See table below. You’ll complete this in class today.
You could work in groups of three, take three topics each. I recommend you take the topics you are least comfortable with.

Russia 1917 - 1924
  1. Measures taken by the Bolsheviks upon assuming power (p. 116-119 Lynch, 
  2. Reaction and Revolution: Russia, 1894-1924 Access to History - Michael Lynch) 
  3. The Bolshevik dissolution of the Constituent Assembly (p. 120-122 Lynch) 
  4. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk 1918 (p. 122-125 Lynch) 
  5. The Russian Civil War 1918-1920 (p. 125-134 Lynch) 
  6. The Foreign Interventions 1918-1920 (p. 134-139 Lynch) 
  7. The Red Terror and the extension of Bolshevik control over society (p. 139-143 Lynch) 
  8. War Communism 1918-1921 (p. 143-147) 
  9. The Kronstadt Rising 1921 (p. 147-151) 
  10. The New Economic Policy (NEP) (p. 151-155) 

Places to find quotes, interpretation and historiography:

Can also do it in Excel or in a Google Doc, up to you, whatever works best.
Create a diagram in which you add information about the 9 events above in each of the 7 areas below.

  1. Category of crisis: social, economic, political or military? 
  2. Crisis/difficulty. Cause of difficulty or crisis. Detail and dates needed. 
  3. Response of Lenin and the Bolsheviks? How? Why? Details and dates needed 
  4. Individuals involved? 
  5. Compromise of revolutionary ideals? Which? How? Why? 
  6. Change or continuity from the old regime? Explain. 
  7. Historians’ views/debates. Quotes needed. 

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